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Tainan tourism  factory

KNH Nonwoven World

【Factory Information】
Address:No. 66-1, Sanji, Sangi Vil., Jiangjun Dist.,Tainan City 725, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business Hours:Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30–17:00 (closed on Mondays)

KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd, established in 1969, is Taiwan’s first manufacturer of hygiene products for women and infants, and it has been ranked in the world’s top 40 nonwoven companies. KNH has two well-known brands: Camation sanitary napkins and Lalune facial puffs. Focusing on the concepts of innovation, industrial knowledge transfer, personnel training, and social feedback, KNH Enterprise integrated industry, government, and academic resources to establish the KNH Nonwoven World tourism factory in 2012. The factory combines the traditional manufacturing industry and tourism services with knowledge, education, inheritance, and sustainable industry to help visitors understand the nonwoven industry.

KNH Nonwoven World-Entrance  KNH Nonwoven World-Shop  KNH Nonwoven World-Shop
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