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Tainan tourism  factory

“GoodARCH”Foot Science Experience Center (Homeway Tourism Factory)

【Factory Information】
Address:No. 23, Gongye 1st Road, Annan District Tainan City, 709
Business Hours:9:30–17:00, by appointment (12:30–13:30 lunch break)

Good health starts with Good Arch! This tourism factory has combined a clear industrial theme and rich knowledge with an interesting tour. With the themes of foot science and personalized exercise, we aim to help everyone understand the importance of their feet, the keys to foot health, and the scientific wonders of feet. Now, let us begin the journey of comprehensive scientific health care!

“GoodARCH”Foot Science Experience Center (Homeway Tourism Factory)-Entrance  “GoodARCH”Foot Science Experience Center (Homeway Tourism Factory)-Energy Products  “GoodARCH”Foot Science Experience Center (Homeway Tourism Factory)-Exhibition Area
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